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OpenOakland works to improve the lives of Oaklanders by advancing civic innovation and open government through community partnerships, engaged volunteers, and civic technology.

We create digital tools to increase access to public information, to help Oaklanders engage more effectively with local government and with each other. We collaborate and partner with Oakland’s civic stakeholders and provide opportunities for civic minded volunteers to make a difference in their city. If you’re reading this, we’d love you to join us!

We use technology for social good. To find out what we’re about read more, then check out the current projects we’re hacking on— then get plugged in: our community meets weekly for civic hack nights each Tuesday from 6:30–9 p.m. in City Hall Room 3. Join us! Geeks, Suits, Wonks and all Oaklanders are welcome!


For example, check out Open Disclosure to see how we’ve promoted transparency in government. In partnership with Oakland’s Public Ethics Commission and our team of campaign finance designers and developers, you can now see for yourself how money flows through our local political campaigns. Read about Open Disclosure’s September 2014 launch.

Recent Posts

Which campaigns haven’t filed any reports? @OpenOakland’s shows

If you keep your contributions small and your spending under $1000, you can run for mayor of Oakland without filing campaign finance reports with the State of California or the City of Oakland. Six candidates made it to October without having to file.

Here are the six running on charisma, leg work, and word of mouth.

We keep the list on OpenDisclosure’s front page.

P.S. Reporters, what’s it like campaigning without a big budget in a race with more than $2 million raised?

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